Why Choose Hostel over Hotels?

  • 24 September, 2019
  • londonbackpackers
Why Choose Hostel over Hotels?

London is a fantastic city to visit and explore any time of the year, but there’s no getting away from the fact that it can be very expensive. Simple day to day things like food and drink cost more than in most other parts of the UK, and by the time any visitor has factored in the cost of getting around attractions that have to be paid for, the available budget will have taken a considerable hit. That’s one of the main reasons why a London youth hostel is such an appealing accommodation option. If you’re looking for budget accommodation in London, but don’t want to put up with poor standards and unpleasant surroundings, then our hostels in London city centre are the perfect choice.

Lower Cost

The days when a London youth hostel would have been used purely by backpacking students from around the world are long gone. Hostels now provide accommodation for people from all walks of life, including business travellers and, on occasion, family groups. The fact that most hostels offer a range of accommodation – from co-living hostels to private rooms – means that individual travellers can tailor their stay to suit their budget. No matter type of room guests opt for, the modern hostel offers clean, comfortable and secure accommodation, with all the facilities you could need, including bathrooms, shared social spaces and fully equipped kitchens. The fact that all of this comes at a price far below that asked for by even so-called budget hotels in the heart of London is the first plus point people usually think of when considering opting for a London youth hostel, but it’s only the first of many advantages.

Social Scene

One of the appeals of a London youth hostel is that you get to share your experience with many other people from all over the world. Unlike staying in a hotel, which can be a fairly solitary experience, a hostel offers multiple opportunities to meet and get to know your fellow travellers. Shared spaces such as the kitchen, dining areas and lounges are the perfect places to compare traveller’s tales, swap notes on places to check out in London and make new friends.


Unlike larger chain hotels, hostels are often run by people who come from the area itself. That means that they’re packed with information on places to see, things to do and tips on getting around. Many hostels are even willing to book events, tickets and days out for you, and the personal input of the staff and fellow travellers can make all the difference when it comes to making the most of your stay in London.

Kitchen Facilities

Paying for food and drink is one of the biggest expenses of any trip to London, so the fact that a North London youth hostel has a fully equipped kitchen for the use of all the guests is incredibly useful. By purchasing your own ingredients and preparing meals you’ll not only be able to save a huge amount on the cost of eating, you’ll also be able to make sure that the meals you prepare are healthy and nutritious. All too often, eating on a budget means opting for the unhealthy, fast food option, but by preparing your own food you can save money, eat healthily and also make sure that everything you eat meets any dietary requirements or food allergies you might have. As an added bonus, you’ll be cooking alongside travellers from all over the world, so you might even end up learning how to prepare a delicious Thai curry, bolognese sauce or paella.


Exploring London as a solo traveller is an exciting prospect but can be daunting. When you stay in a hostel you might technically be on your own but you’ll never be lonely. A big part of the hostel experience is the co-living nature of accommodation. Whether it’s making food, doing your laundry or just hanging out in the lounge, you’ll get to meet your fellow travellers make friends and turn your solo stay into a shared experience.

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