Hostel Beats Renting a Room in a House Every Time – And Here’s Why

  • 26 February, 2020
  • londonbackpackers
Hostel Beats Renting a Room in a House Every Time – And Here’s Why

London is a fantastic city, drawing millions of visitors every year keen to explore a world class range of shops, museums, art galleries, theatres, parks and historical buildings. Being this popular does come with one big disadvantage however, and that’s how expensive staying in London can be. As is the case with many capital cities, everything from accommodation to food, drink and entertainment can cost more in London than virtually anywhere else in the UK. The good news is that the London Backpackers hostel provides the perfect solution.
Many people searching for affordable accommodation tend to think of two things in the first instance – house sharing and Airbnb. It’s easy to understand why assuming that renting a single room within a house would offer the best solution, but the truth of the matter is that the kind of accommodation provided by hostels isn’t just more affordable than the other options, it is also much more likely to offer a secure, comfortable and convenient place to stay.a go for the first time.

A Warm Welcome

The first advantage which a hostel has over a private rental is the fact that you’ll get to meet fellow travellers from all over the world. If you want to keep yourself to yourself then you can, but when making use of shared facilities such as the fully equipped kitchen, laundry room and lounge area, you’ll meet people from every walk of life. Whether you make friends for life or just share a few tips on how to make the most of the London, the social aspect of a hostel stay is one of its best attributes.


Signing up to a rental of any kind in a busy city like London usually involves making your decision well in advance. At a hostel, on the other hand, you can book at the last minute, choosing from a wide range of room types and depending on availability we even take bookings from people arriving on foot. If you cherish spontaneity when you travel, then the flexibility of a hostel could be just what you’re looking for.


The fact that a hostel must provide accommodation for literally hundreds of different guests moving in and out through every month of the year means that the security offered must be of the highest possible quality. A hostel which didn’t look after guests and their possessions properly would soon find itself running out of customers. At London Backpackers we offer not only secure accommodation but also lockers in which guests can keep their valuables safe. A private rental, on the other hand, could offer highly variable standards of security depending upon the mind-set of the owner.

Amazing facilities

A room in a house is often just that – somewhere to sleep and keep your clothes. A room in a hostel, on the other hand, comes complete with a wide selection of incredibly useful facilities. These include a games room, a TV lounge, laundry facilities and a fully equipped modern kitchen.
From the location of our hostel near to the centre of London, through to the fact that we offer facilities like free Wi-Fi, a unique travel guide and a complimentary breakfast, makes our hostel the perfect base to explore London.
It doesn’t end there, because our hostel also provides guests with free Wi-Fi, printing, faxing and copying facilities for those on a work or study trip, free sightseeing literature and members of staff on hand to help plan, arrange and even book your days out in London.
With more facilities, better security and a boost to your social life – all for less than you’ll pay for other types of accommodation – there’s simply no doubting that a hostel offers the best place to stay when you come to visit London.

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