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Every year millions of visitors from across the globe flock to London. They are drawn here by the ever-growing and massively exciting list of things to do in London. Our London tour guide will help to point you in the direction of the kind of attractions that help to make London unique. Any London tour guide will list museums, art galleries, historical buildings, cathedrals, and palaces. Our guide to visiting London will also detail the exciting, modern, cosmopolitan side to the city. Whether you’re young or old, traveling on a budget or splashing the cash, you’ll find the kind of attractions you’ll want to visit and enjoy. These range from tranquil green parks to vibrant nightclubs, and from high-end, Michelin starred dining to the latest in global street food. As you’ll see when you look through our guide to visiting London, you’ll never run out of things to see and do, people to meet and befriend, and places you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

London’s Nightlife
London is a global city, which means it really never sleeps. If you’ve booked a stay at London Backpackers, then sleeping might seem pretty tempting, with the comfortable bunk-bed, the clean and secure room.
Introduction & Essential Information
There may be larger megacities on different continents, but London is still one of the most appealing and popular destinations in the world. In part, that’s because it’s a cultural melting pot, enabling you to enjoy not just traditional British monuments, museums, and buildings, but also food, drink, art, music, and hospitality from virtually every corner of the globe. As well as highlighting all this, our London city guide includes general guidance on power supplies, emergency services, legal issues, money, medical matters and everything else you’ll need to make your stay run smoothly.
Food And Drink
Our London restaurant guide will help you to track down the very best food and drink in London. Whether you want a romantic meal for two, a quick family snack or a culinary celebration, our London food guide will detail the meal you’re looking for at the kind of price you want to pay. There are delicious treats from all over the world in London, and our guide will help you to track them all down.
London’s Museums
The museums in London UK are amongst the very best in the world, and visitors from elsewhere are often surprised to find that many of them are free to enter. Our London museum guide tells you where to find them, what fantastic exhibits they include and how to make the most of your visit. Take a trip back in time when you take your trip to London.
Historical Sites
There are so many historical places in London that visitors can find themselves spoilt for choice. Our guide has been put together by experts and includes London historical sites from all eras and of every type. There may be a world-class museum around every corner, but in many parts of London, the streets themselves are the most fascinating museum of all. Make sure you don’t miss the historical attractions in London you really want to see.
London entertainment places cover virtually everything you could imagine, from lavish West End theatres to tiny basement jazz clubs. When it comes to entertainment, it doesn’t matter whether you enjoy mainstream commercial offerings or cutting-edge fringe productions, our London entertainment guide lists the brightest and best on offer. Take in an independent movie, some standup comedy or a stirring opera – the choice is yours and we’ll help you to make it.
London’s Parks
For such a bustling, vibrant city, London is still packed with wide open, lush green spaces, including some of the most famous parks in the world. From tiny hidden gardens to the sweep of Hyde Park, we’ll list the London parks to visit whether you want a spot for a picnic, a route for your jog or somewhere to kick a ball with the kids. There are so many parks in London to visit and so many things to do there – from open-air music to a range of sports activities – and we’ll help you to make the right choice for you.
Days Out & Mini-Breaks
Our London city break guide will help you to make the most of your stay in the city. From taking in the stunning views as you sip a cocktail in the Shard to exploring the rich history of the Palace of Westminster, we’ll help you to put together a day or weekend in the city that you’ll always remember. Come with the family, treat your partner or explore on your own – our London city break guide will provide the perfect blueprint.
Getting around the city of London is made simple by the presence of one of the most comprehensive travel networks in the world. Our London travel guide will explain how to make the most of a bus, river, and road system which covers 32 boroughs. The London transport guide details the options provided by London taxis, London River Services, London bus routes, Santander Cycles, Thames Clippers and much more.
No matter what kind of sport you love, you’ll find a world class venue in London. Our London sports guide will explain what happens where, from tennis at Wimbledon to international football, rugby and NFL at Wembley. Throw in cricket, club football, rowing on the Thames, basketball, and athletics and you have an irresistible sporting package, whether you want to watch or get up and have a go.

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