Vegan & Vegetarian Must-visit Restaurants Around London

  • 19 février, 2023
  • londonbackpackers
Vegan & Vegetarian Must-visit Restaurants Around London

Vegan restaurants and cafes are constantly popping up in all areas of London, creating unbelievably tasty and delicious dishes that everybody can enjoy. Even if you aren’t vegan yourself, it is certainly a great way to introduce new, fresh plant-based foods and flavors into your diet.

Temple of Seitan

This delicious restaurant has several branches located around London, the closest being Camden, only 15 minutes away from the London Backpackers. They offer a wide variety of vegan, meat-based street dishes, consisting of chicken and burgers, using seitan as the main ingredient. It is highly known for its unique, creative and delicious meals, and is considered one of the most popular vegan restaurants within London. If you are looking for a cozy and comfortable restaurant to unwind and appreciate some authentic, fresh food, Temple of Seitan is the best place for you.

Shayona Restaurant

Shayona is an exquisite restaurant serving a wide variety of Indian vegetarian cuisine, perfect for vegetarians and non-vegetarians to indulge in. The restaurant is well known for their delicious food, friendly service and distinctive Indian design setting the perfect ambience for you to enjoy a tasteful meal. If you would prefer a more cozy and chill night inside, Shayona offers a delivery service only 20 minutes away from our hostel in North London, making this restaurant the best of both worlds.

Miranda Café

Located in Crouch End, only a short distance from the London Backpackers Hostel, Miranda Café offers a casual, comforting vibe serving fresh and healthy vegan/vegetarian dishes and cocktails with inspiration from all around the world. Their menu consists of appetizing meals, anything from Israeli Laffa and Buddha Bowls to dirty nachos and juicy burgers. Exposed brick walls and hanging plants set the perfect, peaceful ambience for you to relish in some flavor-packed meals.

Jam Delish

Discover a modern Caribbean cuisine with a vegan twist in the heart of London and enjoy a huge range of vegan cocktails and meals such as “beef” Pattie’s, fried plantains, jackfruit birria tacos and even plant based saltfish! Jam Delish is only a 30-minute train ride from London Backpackers and is bound to impress no matter your dietary preferences. Rating a 4.8/5 stars, this contemporary restaurant is a must try in London.


Inspired by global street food culture, Alter offers an array of unique, small pan Asian cuisines guaranteeing you will find a dish you love. Based in Whitechapel, Alter aims to prove plant-based menus can be inventive and tasty, and possibly greater than your average menu. Decorated with vibrant colours, green foliage and cozy seating areas, the restaurant is filled with a calming atmosphere for you to enjoy an appetizing meal in peace.

Camden Market

Discover the Vegan mecca of London only 20 minutes from London Backpackers. Camden Market hosts a wide range of stall holders serving up delicious plant-based food daily. Enjoy Asian dishes from VeganThai, juicy burgers from Neat Burger or indulgent desserts from Chin Chin Ice Cream, with the majority of eateries serving vegan and vegetarian dishes the options are endless. Camden Market is a must try for vegan/vegetarian plant-based eaters and those who are curious to try something new.

Whether you are vegan yourself or craving something a little different for a change, London will certainly meet all of your wants and needs. Cheap accommodations are based all around the city, creating the perfect destination to stay and explore.

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