Travelling to UK from Australia – London Backpackers Guide

  • 08 février, 2019
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Travelling to UK from Australia – London Backpackers Guide

If you’re looking for a London Backpacker’s youth hostel for a visit to the city from Australia, then you’ve come to the right place. Our youth hostel in central London is the best you’ll find, combining comfort, clean rooms and a warm welcome with fantastic value for money. Successful backpacking is about more than just where you lay your head, thus we’ve put together this mini-guide of information you’ll need to take on board before setting off on your international adventure.

General Information

The city of London is a large and exciting place, packed with attractions of every type, from galleries and museums to historical buildings, free parks and Michelin starred restaurants. The following information will help you to enjoy a stress-free stay:

  • London is a genuine global city with a population of approximately 65,000,000 people
  • The UK currency is the pound sterling
  • The International Dialing Code for calls to the UK is +44
  • The time zone in the UK is GMT, UTC 0
  • The climate in the UK and London is at its best between April and September, although extremes of heat or cold are relatively rare.
  • The plugs used in the UK are Type G three-pin plugs, meaning you may need to bring a travel adapter
  • The main language spoken is English, although London is a highly cosmopolitan city so you’ll hear languages from all over the world

Travel and Visa Requirements for Entering the UK

Before you set out on your London backpacking adventure it’s vital that you ensure you have all of the travel documents you need. Visitors from Australia can visit the UK for tourist purposes for a period of up to 6 months without a visa, using only a valid passport (ensure your passport is valid for the date upon which you plan to leave). It should be noted that the UK authorities may refuse entry without a visa if they believe that you plan to work, volunteer or get married while in the UK.

Got a Problem? Call for Help

We hope that our north London Backpackers enjoy a trouble-free stay, but if anything does go wrong then you can get help using the following information:

The emergency services – police, firefighters and ambulances – can all be called at any time by dialing 999. If you have a criminal matter to report which isn’t an emergency, then call 101 to speak to a local police station. If you do report a crime make sure you ask for a police report and crime number, as both may help if you need to make any kind of insurance claim.

More complex problems – such as the loss of a passport – can be reported to the Australian High Commission, who may be able to help in some circumstances. Their contact details are as follows:

Australia House

Phone: +44 (0)20 7379 4334
Fax: +44 (0)20 7240 5333
Website: https://uk.highcommission.gov.au/
Facebook: Australian High Commission in the United Kingdom
Twitter: @AusHouseLondon

Backpackers Guide

London backpacking throws up a multitude of incredibly exciting possibilities. There are a few sensible tips which you can follow before leaving for London, and once you arrive, which will help you to make the most of the city and spend your stay there concentrating on simply enjoying yourself:

  • Plan your trip in advance using online resources like travel guides, blog posts, tourist portals etc. The staff at our youth hostels in central London are more than happy to offer advice on things to do and see, but the more you plan beforehand, the best use you’ll make of your time in London.
  • Take out the best travel insurance you can afford
  • Make sure that someone back home knows where you’ll be staying and what your plans are, and keep them updated if anything changes
  • Scan or copy your travel documents so you have a record of their existence in a safe place if they get lost
  • Always use reputable, licensed transport options, and book transfers to and from the airport in advance
  • Book your London hostel online well in advance of travelling
  • Take sensible precautions when out at night, such as not walking alone in isolated locations. Ask more seasoned travellers or the staff at your hostel if there are any districts which would be best to avoid

Getting Around

London is a large city, with many of the districts resembling separate villages in their own right. The good news for anyone staying in a London Backpackers youth hostel is that transport around the city is convenient, plentiful and affordable as hostel location is central from all airports.


The tube system makes it possible to travel across all parts of London relatively simply. It can be crowded during rush hour, so prepare for an uncomfortable journey, and make sure you have a ticket which covers the zone which you wish to travel to.


The buses in London run around the clock and cover the whole of the city. Not only are the double decker ‘Routemaster’ buses iconic, but they also offer a cheap and comfortable means of sightseeing around the city.

Oyster Card

If you plan on doing a lot of travelling while you’re staying in London, then it’s probably best to purchase an Oyster card, a travel card which can be used on buses, tubes and trams. The cards can be purchased and topped up at any Underground station and save you from the inconvenience of having to stop and buy a ticket before each separate journey.

Once you’ve arrived in London, you have a base from which to explore the whole of the UK. For more detailed information on things to do, refer our Guide To London which covers all your travel needs.

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