Essential Hostel Packing List – What are the Things Needed for Hostel?

  • 26 November, 2019
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Essential Hostel Packing List – What are the Things Needed for Hostel?

Here at London Backpackers Hostel we like to think we provide everything a visitor to London could need. That includes clean, comfortable and secure rooms, free Wi-Fi, complimentary breakfast and cooking and laundry facilities – to name just a few of the things we offer – all delivered at a fantastic budget price. We understand that part of the knack of travelling well involves knowing exactly what to pack to bring with you. The following is a quick guide to just a few of the items that every guest in our hostel should think very seriously about packing:


If you’re staying in a hostel then you may well end up sharing a dormitory room with someone you’ve never met before. This is all part of the experience, of course, offering a fantastic chance to get to know people from all over the world. All too often the fun stops when your roommate drops off to sleep and you discover the terrible truth – they snore, and they snore extremely loudly.

Pack a pair of super-efficient earplugs, and this doesn’t have to be a problem, and nor does the issue of guests arriving back from a night’s partying at four in the morning and being noisy about it. You should pack at least two pairs, as they are the kind of small item which is likely to get lost on your travels. Also, if you can afford it, you should invest in the more expensive but highly effective noise cancelling earplugs. After all, what price can you put on getting a good night’s sleep?


Although our hostels are extremely safe and offer the use of secure lockers to keep your belongings in, you should still invest in a reasonably sturdy padlock to keep your items safe. A lot of the time you’ll be walking through crowded tourist spots with your bag by your side, or travelling on public transport with it pushed under the seat or put up on a rack. You probably don’t need us to tell you that there are a lot of unscrupulous people in a big city, and a couple of minutes of not paying attention is all it will take for them to reach into your bag and take whatever they can. Whether it’s locked by a key or a combination, your padlock will stop this happening.

Travel-sized toiletries

If you use travel sized toiletries which contain less than 100ml of liquid then not only do you always know you’ll have the supplies you need to keep feeling clean and fresh, but you’ll also be able to carry everything you need as hand luggage if you’re flying, avoiding the extra cost of checking your bags in. Items you should consider packing include a toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, feminine products, soap, shampoo and sunscreen.

A Travel Adapter with a USB function

The plugs in the UK use three pins and, depending on where you’re travelling from, this may be different to what you’re used to. More to the point, it may mean that you can’t plug in items like a laptop, smart phone or tablet. One way around this is to pack a universal adapter which works with plugs in all different parts of the world. If you choose a universal adapter which also has USB ports then you’ll be able to use it to charge a whole range of portable devices.

Comfortable shoes

There are two reasons why traveling to a city like London tends to involve a lot of walking around. One of these is the fact that, if you’re travelling on a strict budget, walking from place to place is a simple way of saving money. The other is that on foot is often the very best way to get to know a place like London. This means it’s vital that you pack shoes which stay comfortable no matter how long you wear them for, while leaving worries about style and fashion for another day. If you’re buying new shoes for your trip make sure you wear them and do lots of walking before you leave, because the first day of your visit isn’t when you want to find out they give you terrible blisters.

Hard and digital copies of your documents

No matter how hard you try, there’s always a chance that you’ll face the terrible problem of losing vital travel documents like passports and insurance details. One method of coping with this is to make physical photocopies of your documents and carry them separately from the original documents. This hard copy could also get lost, however, so take the extra precaution of grabbing a picture of your documents using your smart phone and emailing it to yourself. That way you’ll be able to access the details you need no matter where you are.

First Aid Kit

The fact that packing a first aid kit is so obvious also makes it easy to forget. No matter how careful you are, a supply of sticking plasters, antiseptic cream and blister plasters could come in extremely handy while you’re travelling.

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