Best Outdoor Activities & Events in London in October 2024

  • 24 September, 2019
  • londonbackpackers
Best Outdoor Activities & Events in London in October 2024

One of the chief advantages to group travel to London at this time of the year is that you get to see the beautiful colours of autumn in the many parks, gardens and green spaces that are scattered across the city. The fact that the chill of winter hasn’t quite yet arrived makes this the perfect time to avoid the crowds of summer and explore the outdoor environment of London, whether that means enjoying the tranquillity of the parks, the hustle and bustle of markets such as Portobello road or the magnificent and historical architecture which is waiting around virtually every corner.

If you need large group accommodation in London but want to keep the budget under control then look no further than our Hendon hostel. Our London budget youth hostel offers everything you need, from secure, safe and comfortable rooms to kitchen and laundry facilities and a thriving social scene. Hostel accommodation in London is the perfect base from which to set out and explore the many outdoor activities and events it has to offer at this special time of the year. With Halloween just around the corner and the first preparations for Christmas starting to be made, it really is a magical time to visit. The following are just a few of the special events, activities or places you could take the time to discover:

World Zombie Day

Halloween may still be a couple of weeks away, but 5th October is officially World Zombie Day. What this means in practice is the chance to dress up in your best blood and gore, practice your zombie shuffle and take part in a mas zombie walk through central London, all of it designed to raise funds for the homeless charity Shelter from the Strom. Check out the official website at http://worldzombieday.co.uk/register/. It’s free to register and, after you do, you’ll receive details of exactly where in London the zombie march will be taking place.

Outdoor Dining

Mention London and people immediately think of a crowded, noisy city. Not only are there plenty of quieter places to escape to in the city itself, however, but you can travel for just an hour outside the centre of London and find yourself in the secluded countryside. Experience nomadic offer the unique chance to forage and then dine in a stunning woodland setting on the outskirts of London. After being guided around the estate vegetable garden you’ll be able to forage for wild ingredients in the forest, before cooking everything over an open fire. For more details about this once in a lifetime experience, visit https://www.experiencenomadic.com/

Fun and Games

If you’re planning group travel to London then, as well as booking a London budget youth hotel to accommodate everyone, you’ll be looking for activities which larger groups can enjoy together. One fantastic example is the outdoor escape experience offered by Outscape Games (see https://www.outscapegames.com/games/) It takes place on the streets of London and involves your team solving the kind of logic puzzles often found in escape rooms. The unique aspect being that in this case the puzzles take place outdoors and involves the use of Augmented Reality of the kind made famous by Pokémon Go. If there’s a large group of you, you can divide into teams of between 2 and 4 and compete against each other to be the first to solve the puzzles and crack the case.

Outdoor Music

There are bandstands scattered across the whole of London, in various states of repair. Until recently they were left to their own devices and regarded as relics of the past, but the organisation bandstand busking had other ideas, and started organising free musical concerts on bandstands across the city between May and October every year. Although they’ve used more than 20 bandstands, the most popular is Northampton Square, Islington. Artists who’ve played gigs at the bandstands include Ed Harcourt and Wild Beasts, both of whom have been Mercury nominated. For information on who’ll be playing next, when and where, visit http://bandstandbusking.com/

Power Kiting

Just in case you’re wondering what exactly power kiting is, then we’ll explain. It’s a form of high adrenaline sport – a bit like surfing on dry land – that involves being pulled along by a kite while you’re sitting in a buggy, standing on a land board or wearing in-line skates. It’s a white-knuckle experience which you can try for yourself in Richmond Park, courtesy of Kite Vibe. They offer a range of lessons depending on previous experience, and that includes taster sessions for those who’ve never tried it before. To find out more visit http://www.kitevibe.com/

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