More Opportunities for Young Kiwis Under 35 to Live and Work in London, UK

  • 22 November, 2022
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More Opportunities for Young Kiwis Under 35 to Live and Work in London, UK

Mention hostels in London and the first thing people think of is probably tourists making the most of London backpacking. Here at London Backpackers we know that this isn’t the whole story. Although thousands of people every year travel from New Zealand to explore the tourist attractions of this fabulous city, many also come to work here. Finding a job in London is one thing, but finding somewhere to live can often be much more difficult. Luckily, our London Backpackers youth hostel is just as suited to providing long term accommodation as it is to being a base for a quicker trip to the city.
When compared to the other options such as renting a room in a house, a London Backpackers central London hostel offers affordable accommodation which is comfortable, clean and secure with a host of added extras. From free bed linen to free Wi-Fi and secure lockers, our UK hostel offer everything you need to settle in and concentrate on the many employment opportunities the city offers.

New Opportunities for Kiwis Travelling to London

Earlier this year the governments of the UK and New Zealand governments announced an extension to the existing Youth Mobility Scheme and Working Holiday scheme. This is the name of a shared visa scheme which makes it possible for younger British people to live and work in New Zealand while, in a reciprocal arrangement, young Kiwis can do the same in the UK. Under the new details of the scheme, the age for Kiwis to be eligible went up from 30 to 35, while the length of time covered by the visas has been extended to three years.
This change is fantastic news for Kiwis aged between 18-35 who want to explore everything which the city of London has to offer, from opportunities to work and study, all the way to the chance to explore the culture, art and history of London in your spare time. More than anything else, the more generous visa scheme means that young Kiwis can immerse themselves in the culture of the UK and enjoy a detailed experience of the British way of life. There’s simply no better way of understanding how people think, talk and act in a country than coming to live in that country for an extended period of time, and our central hostel in London provides the best possible solution for accommodation if you want to take advantage of the Working Holiday scheme.

Much More Than Just A Room

When you book an extended stay at a London backpackers hostel you get to enjoy much more than just the accommodation itself. We take a great deal of pride in providing an in-depth service designed to make your period living in London as enjoyable and useful as possible. Friendly members of our team are always on hand to offer advice and tips on everything from using public transport in London – the nearest Tube station is just 30 seconds walk away – to local amenities and exploring the culture and history of the city.
Many people may think that a youth hostel offers just the most basic level of accommodation, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. As well as providing a high standard of comfort and cleanliness, from the beds to kitchen and bathroom facilities, our central London hostel offers the chance to mix and make friends with fellow travellers from all over the world, enriching the travel experience.
If you’re looking for long term accommodation in London then look no further than London Backpackers, where you’ll find everything you need and much more besides. From clean, comfortable rooms and secure storage to helpful members of our team, you’ll be supported throughout your stay in London and be able to concentrate on your work, your studies and – when you’ve got the time- to having the time of your life in London.

Essential Tips for Kiwis Travelling to London

Take a look at the kind of tips that will help to make your stay in London as successful as possible.

Hostel Beats Renting a Room in a House Every Time – And Here’s Why

The traditional option of renting a room in a house when you come to work or study in London doesn’t come close to offering everything a stay in our backpacker accommodation offers. We explain all the ways in which we provide a superior option.

Common Misconceptions about Youth Hostels

It’s not all bout basic accommodation and no-frills surroundings – we might offer a budget option but that doesn’t mean we cut corners, so if you’ve got any pre-conceived thoughts about hostels in your head then let us explain just how wrong they are.

Long Term Accommodation in London

No matter how long you choose to stay in London you’ll find that we’re ready and willing to offer you the very best long term accommodation. Take a look at what we offer in more detail here.

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