The most Instagrammable places in London

  • 27 Januar, 2022
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The most Instagrammable places in London

Our youth hostel in London is the perfect place from which to explore everything the city has to offer. As a budget hostel in North London, we provide accommodation that’s clean, comfortable and affordable, and booking is so simple you’ve got no excuse to delay planning your trip to London.
Once you’re here you’ll want to hit your social feeds with lots of content showing the world what a fantastic time you’re having. London is packed with photogenic places that are perfect for bringing drama and colour to your Instagram account, and here are seven of the best:

Big Ben

You may or may not know that ‘Big Ben’ is actually the name of the bell inside the landmark Elizabeth Tower, a 16th century gothic building which is symbolic of London, parliament and UK democracy. It’s the perfect place to snap if you want to prove that you definitely are in the centre of the city of London.

The Churchill Arms

London is packed with thousands of traditional British pubs, offering a form of hospitality which is unique to the UK. In visual terms, The Churchill Arms is one of the most spectacular – the inside is packed with Winston Churchill memorabilia, but it’s the outside which will look spectacular on your feed. In the summer, it’s completely covered in blooming flowers and plants, while in winter fairy lights and Christmas decorations abound.

Sky Garden

Book your trip in advance and it’s free to take a trip up to the spectacular Sky Garden, hundreds of feet above the streets of London. Once you’re there you have the perfect backdrop to take spectacular selfies, with the whole of the city stretched out behind and beneath you.

Portobello Road

There are two major reasons to visit Portobello road. The first is the row of pastel coloured houses which look like something out of a children’s book and are highly instagrammable. The second is the hundreds of vintage and antique shops in the area, packed with stunning items from years gone by.

Covent Garden

On the large scale Covent Garden is architecturally spectacular, but take it one shop at a time and you’ll find multiple shop fronts which will look fantastic on your Instagram feed. The social media savvy people in charge of Covent Garden have even gone to the trouble of scattering Instagram friendly props around the place.
God’s Own Junkyard

This is a warehouse packed with stunning neon signs, many of which are works of art in their own right. If you see one you particularly like you can even buy it, although it will need very careful packing to get it home.

Hyde Park

Despite being a huge and bustling mega-city, London is packed with acres of green spaces and Hyde Park is one of those which offers the most perfectly instagrammable spots. From tree-lined avenues to ponds and flower beds, it’s a haven of natural beauty which changes and shifts across the year.

Monocle Café

The Monocle magazine is a bible of stylish global travel and lifestyle, and the café comes from the same stable. The black and white striped awning over the front of the shop makes it the perfect café to add to your Instagram account, and you can have some tea and cake after.

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