Long-Term Hostel Stays: What You Need to Know

  • 24 Januar, 2023
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Long-Term Hostel Stays: What You Need to Know

Travelling around? Perhaps you’re studying abroad? A long-term hostel stay is often an easier and cheaper way of living. Here, we reveal our tips for surviving a long-term hostel stay.

10 Tips to Maximise Your Long-Term Hostel Stay

Wondering how to live in a hostel long-term? With our top tips, your long-term hostel stay will be easy and enjoyable.

Bulk Pay

Lots of UK hostels offer a discount to those staying long-term as well as those who pay upfront. This means you can save, and you’ll know exactly what you’ve got left to spend.

Look for Long-term Dorms

You might find that certain dorms in your youth hostel in Central London are dedicated to long-term backpackers. These are often quieter as people are here to work and study instead of just partying.

Organise Communal Dinners

Being away from home isn’t always easy but a great way to lift spirits is to get-together with fellow dormers over dinner. It’s also an easy way to split costs of food.

Remember, You’re Sharing

While it’s important to make the most of your space, and make it homely, you need to remember that others are paying to live there. Keep your belongings together and be tidy.

Be Friendly

Remember how you felt when you walked into the dorm for the first time. Others might be feeling that way too, so a smile and friendly conversation opener won’t go amiss.

Get Moving

While you can stay in a hostel for as long as you want, moving from time to time is a great way to keep things fresh. Plus, you’ll see more of the area.

Book Direct

Hostel websites usually offer deals and discounts for direct bookings, and you’ll save on third-party fees.

Take Care of Your Health

When you’re living with others, you’re bound to pick up bugs so go prepared with some medicine. Keeping any communal areas clean will also prevent you from getting sick.

Make Local Friends

One of the best ways to see the area is to make friends with the locals. They can show you the local way of living and let you into some secret hotspots.

Look for Kitchen Facilities

When you’re first searching for a youth hostel in Central London, a kitchen might not be on your list of things to look out for. But it’ll be beneficial in the long run. You’re sure to be craving home-cooked food and you’ll save money too.

Don’t Accumulate Stuff

By hoarding lots of items, you’ll not only struggle to get it all home, but it’ll be taking up necessary space. Try to live off essentials and limit the number of souvenirs.

Planning to move into a youth hostel in Central London long-term? Perhaps you already live in a budget hostel in London and want to make the most of your time? We guarantee these long-term stay tips will help you out — wherever you are in the world

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