Common Misconceptions About Youth Hostels

  • 04 Februar, 2022
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Common Misconceptions About Youth Hostels

If you think of hostels in London without actually having stayed with London Backpackers then there’s a chance that you’ve got hold of a few misconceptions about what youth hostels in London will really be like. These mistaken ideas are likely to come from the way hostels have been portrayed in the media over the years, or perhaps from reading a few horror stories on the internet. A quick look at our website, however, will show that our modern UK hostels are a far cry from the downmarket, downbeat and not very appealing image often put forward. These are just a few of the most common misconceptions about youth hostels, and the ways in which our budget hostels in London prove them wrong:

Staying in a Youth Hostel Means Staying in a Bunk Bed in a Dormitory

For some people the appeal of staying in a youth hostel is based on the chance to share co-living space with people from all over the world. For others, however, a degree of privacy is called for, at least as far as sleeping arrangements are concerned. The good news is that our hostel in north London offer the widest possible range of rooms, from a single room, through twin rooms and all the way up to a 18 bed mixed dormitory. Whether you’re travelling alone and want some privacy, feel like making new friends in co-living accommodation or need to make a booking for a large group such as a workplace or University, you’ll find exactly the type of bedroom you’re looking for.

Location, Location, Location

It’s often assumed that, unlike more expensive hotels, youth hostels will be situated in the less desirable parts of a town or city, away from facilities, amenities and tourist attractions. In a city as vibrant as London this would be a huge problem, but the fact of the matter is that our backpackers hostel in London is located in the heart of London, just 30 seconds walk from the nearest Tube station and with a bus stop over the road. These transport links mean that it’s easy and cheap to make your way to the heart of the city and explore world famous tourist attractions, while amenities such as places to shop, eat and drink are all within easy walking distance.

No Internet

When you’re travelling around the world, especially if you’re younger and operating on a budget, it’s vitally important that you can maintain easy contact with the family back home. Staying in touch means they won’t worry about you and you’ll be able to tell your family and friends all about the wonderful time you’re having. If you’re staying in a youth hostel, however, then you probably won’t have the same kind of access to internet you’d take for granted in more expensive accommodation, right? Actually, no, it’s completely wrong. Our modern hostels are built for the 21st century traveller, and that means that high speed internet access is provided free of charge at all times. Not only will you be able to email, message and WhatsApp the folks back home, but you’ll also be able to get online to plan your trips out, book tickets, look up local information and check travel timetables.

Hostels Aren’t Safe

As with many of the other misconceptions about youth hostels, the idea that they aren’t safe, and that your belongings won’t be fully secure, is based on an outdated idea of what a youth hostel is. In the past, a hostel may have been a cheap and cheerful alternative to a hotel – one in which you were best advised to keep your belongings on your person at all times – but the 21st century equivalent couldn’t be more different. Our budget hostels in London offer a fully secure keyless door entry system throughout the premises, for example, and lockers available for use during your stay. During the time you stay in our UK hostels you’ll be relaxed in the knowledge that you and your possessions are completely safe.

If you like the sound of a modern, clean, comfortable backpackers hostel in London that shatters all of the misconceptions people have about youth hostelling then why not book a stay with us right now? Our online booking system is quick and easy, and before you know it, you’ll be exploring everything this fantastic city has to offer.

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